Friday, May 23, 2008 it's been while...understatement of the year...

We have been sooooooooooo busy getting older! Birthday upon birthday hit our group this spring....Cher, Joyce, Karen, Becky, Barb, Sarah, and Patti all got a year older recently! Good thing knitting keeps us all young and gorgeous!

Alana had a beautiful baby boy, celebrated by all here at the shop with a lovely baby shower! He's just adorable! So...the big news...

Yarn Haven is now Yarn Cravin'! Through a series of "interesting" events (and one crabby old crone in Tennessee with nothing else to do but cause trouble for others name trademarks and such) Dale Ann and Bobbie were forced to change the name of the shop. After much back and forth over what the new name would be, one of the yarn reps popped in one day and suggested YARN CRAVIN'. We all fell in love with it, and the rest is history. The name officially changes June 1, 2008!

Upcoming Fiber Fun:

Stitch and Pitch, June 12, Mud Hens Game - Join us!!!

Knit in Public Day, June 14, @ the shop! Join us!!!

InsanKnitty Fall Knitting Retreat - November 1 & 2