Sunday, October 25, 2009

Visitors and Giving Back

If you're a regular at Tuesday night Insanknitty, you may have noticed an unfamiliar face recently. Bobbie was teaching someone to knit. What you wouldn't have known is that the good sport, Bridget, was also doing research for an article she was writing for The Toledo Blade, which ran this past Wednesday. You can read the article HERE if you missed it. Ms. Tharp did her homework, visiting the three local independent yarn shops for her story. It was great to have more positive press for Yarn Cravin', for sure!

Bobbie teaching Bridget Tharp, from The Blade, how to knit.

We had the chance to check out some new yarns, like this gorgeous yarn from Mirasol.

Mary, Becky, and Annette were enjoying themselves. Great orange sweater, Becky!

These new Flat Feet arrived for October. Look at those desert southwest colors and motifs!
The Knit to Lose Group which met on Saturday mornings was such a great success that they have started another session. The last session ended with some very successful weight loss and a donation of over 75 pounds of food to the local food bank. Just "shopping" in our own pantries reminded us how fortunate we are! The food bank was so surprised to get the call to come and pick up food from our little group. Great job, girls.

Make sure you get outside to enjoy the fall colors, everyone. They will be gone in the blink of an eye.
How many days until Christmas, DaleAnn? Bobbie? I bet those ladies know how many days we have until the holidays are upon us! But no pressure. There's always a Yarn Cravin' Gift Certificate!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Were you watching TV at 12:30 PM today, Sunday, October 11? Our wonderful yarn shop owners were featured on "Coffee With The Fords"! Cynthia Ford found Yarn Cravin' during Harrison Rally Days and invited DaleAnn and Bobbie to be on the show. How exciting is that? I took photos of my television screen to show you all here!

Look! Here's our Jen! from Arizona, showing off Mary's completed baby blanket at the Fall Retreat. Hooray!

Julie joined Bobbie and Dale and they all showed off beautiful knitting!

The closed-captioning is referring to the running joke about tornadoes and how we all keep knitting instead of heading to the basement. hehehee Don't the ladies look gorgeous on TV?
As soon as the story is up on the CH 13 ( website, I will post a link here.
In the meantime, are you looking for a quick and easy shawl to knit to keep you cozy this fall? I came across this free pattern recently. Multnomah is made with fingering weight yarn (or go to thicker yarn for a bigger shawl!) and is garter stich with a feather and fan edging. I know there's yarn at Yarn Cravin' with your name on it; maybe even on the porch in the sale yarn! Go check it out on Tuesday.

Editing to add the link to the show! Yarn Cravin' on Coffee With The Fords