Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just The Usual Clownin' Around

The porch was open and jam-packed Tuesday night. All of the chairs were out and the air was warm and pleasant. Like always, there was some clowning around going on. Was it more than usual? YOU be the judge!

I think I may have a new career with Ringling Bros. if my current job falls through.

Annette and Gina model their new

But seriously, there was much knitting, crocheting and spinning going on Tuesday, amidst the socializing. Mary helped me with the photography, and we decided to focus on hands and works in progress, rather than the people. Well, except for Cher, who had a finished shawl to show off. So sit back and enjoy all the photos of all the beautiful hands making beautiful things.

Wait, wait, wait! That's definitely NOT knitting. It might count as fiber. Who is that?! ;-) (Don't worry, Barb, I'm not telling.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Red, White and Blue

The latest shipment of FlatFeet has arrived! Aren't they gorgeous?
There are only 8 of them, so the opportunity to buy one will be decided by raffle. You will have to stop by the shop and put your name in the hat. If your name is drawn, you can choose one of these beautiful patriotic FlatFeet to buy! You could have some red, white and blue socks knitted up in time for the Fourth of July.

Only 50 shops across the United States were chosen to receive these special "birthday" FlatFeet, and Yarn Cravin' is one of them. We really do have a great place to knit and shop.
Here's a link to a free sock pattern written specifically for FlatFeet, from the creators, Conjoined Creations. Flat Feet Sock Pattern Enjoy your knitting!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Springtime Buzz

Have you heard about the latest contest the shop is having? The Spring Into Summer Contest has started with Socks in May. Right now the socks are on display for voting! Items for June must be completed and turned in 5 days before the start of June, and can be anything felted. Click on the link above to go to the the complete rules.

I have seen first-hand the gorgeous knitting you all can produce. C'mon, knitters! Get those kneedles moving and get into the contest!

Sock Club continues to meet with two groups meeting on alternate months. The May/June yarn comes from Perfect Day Yarns. The color is Turks Cap Lily. Sarah dyed yarn for us last year, too. Be sure to drop in and pick up your yarn. Feel free to get started on the pattern ahead of time! (The colors are way prettier than this photo show!!)
(photo stolen from Sarah's flickr)
Bobbie recently had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in her shoulder. Send a note to the shop and DaleAnn will make sure she gets it. I know she would love the good wishes.
Lastly, stop in to see what's new, sit on the porch for a bit, and tell us what's new with you.