Monday, January 9, 2012


Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are numerous opportunities for giving to those who are need of food, toys, clothing, financial assistance and other things to get them through the Holiday Season. What happens then? *crickets chirping* It's been found that right after the holiday season, food banks have a dire need to re-stock their shelves, and our creative, generous, yarn shop owners dreamt up a plan to help.

Saturday, January 7, was our first ever Breakfast Sale. Yarn Cravin' opened two hours early to shoppers, and all those who brought a non-perishable breakfast food item to donate received a 35% discount on their purchase from 8:00-10:00AM that morning. We were blessed with generous shoppers who brought nutritious food items in the way of cereals, pancake mixes, pop tarts, cereal bars, muffin mixes,oatmeal, peanut butter, juices, and more.


This photo shows the food donation just an hour into the sale!

After 10:00AM, any non-perishable food item could be redeemed for a 25% discount on purchases for the rest of the day. The food continued to stack up, and the knitters continued to pour in the door to shop.

Just across the street, in the church, the community room had been reserved. Knitters, spinners, and other crafters were welcome to spend the day working on their UFO's and socializing. Snacks were shared. Knitting support was offered. Some even brought their kids with them, and they proceeded to play and look after the little ones.

Some old friends came back to us just in time for the sale. Our old, worn out, comfy chairs came back, having had a face lift! Look how gorgeous they are now!


This chair has a cover that cannot be removed.

The chair pictured below, however, has a lovely slip cover which can be removed.


Isn't the back lovely?


If you are interested in showing an old piece of furniture some loving, here's the contact information:
Feather Your Nest
Upholstery and Slipcovers
Barb Converse 419-874-5911
112 W. 2nd Street, Perrysburg, OH
Located In Back Alley Design Studio

Here's the latest wall art at Yarn Cravin'


Hopefully the generosity of the knitters this past weekend will help soothe the souls of many in need. And we hope that having our comfy chairs back, all beautified, will help soothe your souls as you sit and knit.

Thank you again for all you do to support Yarn Cravin' and each other.