Saturday, July 3, 2010

WWKIP Day and TNNA and New Goodies and... Whew!


In Mid-June Bobbie and DaleAnn went to TNNA in Columbus. You know, the big semi-annual trade show where they learn all about what the latest trends are in the fiber world. The boxes started arriving at the shop before the two of them even arrived home! Really, knitters, you have to stop into the shop regularly to believe all of the new yarns, patterns, gadgets, and notions that are already streaming in for Fall and Winter. And did I mention BAGS? Oh, the bags! All shapes and sizes, and in fabrics and colors that you won't believe! Don't worry, I've taken some photos.

World Wide Knit in Public Day was celebrated June 19 and it was a glorious, warm, sunny, breezy day. The porch was comfortable and Dale put fans outside to make it even better. Some people stayed away because of the heat, but a good time was had by all who attended. There were prizes!

SarahLou finished the Dead Fish hat for her dad for Father's Day! :-)

A serious note was part of the day, since 10% of all sales went to help the families who were affected by the tornadoes in early June. A bag for extra donations was put out that week as well. Special thanks go out to all who donated whatever they could to help the families who are in need. We are fortunate to be surrounded by such a generous, caring, fiber community!

And now to those bags I mentioned earlier. This is by no means all of them, dear knitters. I did make the photos bigger for you, though. ;-)

Knitting bag

These clamshells by Lantern Moon are a set of three! They are great for notions, coins, lipsticks, your charms for your bracelets... use your imagination! Oh, but the red one may have come home with me today. Ooops! I think there's one more at the shop, though.


JaJaJa Purses makes these pretty bags using reclaimed upholstery and draperies. There are no two exactly the same, and they come in many shapes and sizes. It's been hard for me to leave this red bag at the shop!

New bag at YC

Red Lantern Moon... and there are matching clutches, too. Yummmm!

Lantern Moon bag

Lantern Moon clutches

Not a bag, but DaleAnn has finished her Sideways Linen Vest. I had to try it on, and it is gorgeous!!! I know many of you are working on vests of your own, and I would love to take photos when you finish them. How is your progress?

Sideways Linen Vest

As always, Tuesday nights are busy nights with our group of fiber lovers growing. We have welcomed many new faces to Yarn Cravin' and love that you are telling your friends about us. The more, the merrier!