Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summertime, Summertime...

Even though the calendar says it is back-to-school time for most of us, there's plenty of summer left. Have you been to the beach? Maumee Bay State Park is just a short drive away, and some Yarn Cravin' regulars spent a Sunday there knitting and relaxing not too long ago.There is still time to go enjoy the sun and sand like Mary, Alana, April and Becky did! (Karen was there, too, but she took the photos.)What about summertime treats? Have you enjoyed some of those? These treats don't have calories, but they sure look yummy! I can reassure you that it is definitely nice and cool inside Yarn Cravin', though.
This is the perfect time of year to sit outside on the porch with friends and knit a bit. Have you made time to do that? The night I took this photo, Yarn Cravin's porch, (and their inside, too!) was full to overflowing. Poor Gina was sitting on the steps.

The Fall schedule of classes has just been sent out. (Fall? It's 90 degrees today!) New yarns are pouring into the shop. Bobbie and DaleAnn can probably tell you off the top of their heads how many days until Christmas, and you better get knitting!

The FALL RETREAT is OCTOBER 3 -4. Payment is due by September 1. Don't miss out on the fun!!!!