Thursday, February 26, 2009

Knitting Takes Balls, You Know

Yarn Cravin' has them!

First up, the much-sought-after Zauberballs have arrived in many colors... One of these balls will make a whole pair of socks, but I can see you all getting creative and making some mittens or scarves with these color combos. Come and get them!!

Dale Ann took this gorgeous photo! It's Ti-Dye sock yarn. (Hey, isn't this the stuff we bought for Ferol and Bobbie on our trip to Chicago?!) Gorgeous stuff, knitters. Look at those spring and summer colors!

The March/April Sock Club yarn has arrived. Yummmmmmm. "Springtime In Perrysburg," custom-dyed for us by Claudia, of Claudia Hand Painted Yarn fame, is stunning. You will need two hanks for one pair of socks this time around.

Participants in the Sock Club are still working on their January/February socks, using all sorts of different patterns. As promised, here's a sock in progress, but not the whole knitter!

Sarah Lou shows off her finished socks below! Aren't they gorgeous?

We also drew names to see who the lucky winners would be for the St. Patty's Day Flat Feet this past Tuesday night. If you were a winner, leave a comment so everyone knows who got the luck-o-the-Irish!

REMINDER! The deadline to get in your money for the Spring Knitting Retreat is fast approaching. March 27. Or did I say March 28 last time? Regardless, it's coming up! Don't be left out. This is an overnight retreat, and you never know what kind of silliness you might miss out on.

There's one more new thing you need to know about at the shop. Square knitting needles. Square DPN's and circulars by Kollage Yarns. If you have wrist or hand pain, consider trying them. Be advised, though, you need to swatch! So far everyone I know, including myself, has had to go up one needle size using these.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh, yes, Yes, YESSSSSS!

There were some newcomers to Tuesday night Insanknitty last night. They were treated to a full house of knitters and earful of lively chatter! If you were in attendance, here's just a bit of what you might have overheard...

"Oh, yes, Yes, YESSSSSSS!"

"When it plays that movie and vibrates at the same time, then I'll be impressed."

"He goes to bed with me every night."

"Make sure you include words 'sporting goods' in if you're looking for the Dick's Sporting Goods website online!"

I was laughing so hard, I didn't even get to knit. However, I did manage to snap a few photos for you all. You know, all 4 of you who read this.

Gina wants to know:

Why yes, as a matter of fact, we do! And look what's new! Flat feet for St. Patrick's Day! These are limited in number, so if you think you might want one, get into the shop and put your name in the drawing. If your name is drawn, you get to buy one.

These are part of a "birthday of the month" series, and each month there will something new. Did I get that right, DaleAnn?

Sock club members are still working on January/February socks. It won't be long before the March/April yarn arrives.

Have you seen how the new neon yarn ball looks in the shop window?

Retreat News! The Spring Retreat is fast approaching. Reserve your spot by writing your check to Yarn Cravin' and turning it in. The cost is $80. All payments must be received by March 28!!! The sooner you turn in your money and reservation sheet the better. Retreat Coordinator Annette appreciates having info ahead of time for planning.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Tuesday night Insanknitty was more crowded than usual tonight and with good reason. Many of us were there to congratulate Bobbie and DaleAnn on Yarn Cravin's 2nd Anniversary.

A whole bunch more of us were there to see the final result of secret planning that started way back in November!

SarahLou hatched a brilliant plan and ran with it, after getting input from a few others. Tuesday nights since Thanksgiving have been spent covertly collecting funds to put together a spectactular gift for our favorite yarn purveyors. You light up our lives, DaleAnn and Bobbie! Thanks for making Yarn Cravin' such an awesome place for all of us to shop and hang out!

Editing to Add: Link to More Photos

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Yarn Cravin'!

Hey everyone, spread the word! This week, on February 12th, Yarn Cravin' turns TWO! Can you believe it? How very exciting for DaleAnn and Bobbie, but also for all of us. Having such a wonderful place to shop and gather for fun and friendship is priceless!

image from

All this week, February 9 - 14, there are special happenings at the shop. There's a special sale going on, but if you aren't on the email list, you won't know what the special deal is. HINT: It has to do with TWO... and getting one.

On Tuesday night, during Insanknitty, we'll have a little celebration. Of course, when we all get together, no celebration is little! I'm sure there will be goodies to munch on while we knit. My guess is the food will be more plentiful than usual.

Thursday, February 12th is the actual birthday of Yarn Cravin', and DaleAnn says there's going to be a little something for all shoppers that come by the shop that day.

Make sure you stop by sometime this week to congratulate our beloved yarn shop owners on making it TWO YEARS (in this economy!!) extend good wishes for the future.