Friday, May 23, 2008 it's been while...understatement of the year...

We have been sooooooooooo busy getting older! Birthday upon birthday hit our group this spring....Cher, Joyce, Karen, Becky, Barb, Sarah, and Patti all got a year older recently! Good thing knitting keeps us all young and gorgeous!

Alana had a beautiful baby boy, celebrated by all here at the shop with a lovely baby shower! He's just adorable! So...the big news...

Yarn Haven is now Yarn Cravin'! Through a series of "interesting" events (and one crabby old crone in Tennessee with nothing else to do but cause trouble for others name trademarks and such) Dale Ann and Bobbie were forced to change the name of the shop. After much back and forth over what the new name would be, one of the yarn reps popped in one day and suggested YARN CRAVIN'. We all fell in love with it, and the rest is history. The name officially changes June 1, 2008!

Upcoming Fiber Fun:

Stitch and Pitch, June 12, Mud Hens Game - Join us!!!

Knit in Public Day, June 14, @ the shop! Join us!!!

InsanKnitty Fall Knitting Retreat - November 1 & 2


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Retreats, Snow, Anniversaries, Snow, Knitting, Snow, Ice, Slippery Roads, Snow, GREAT FRIENDS!!!


Is it really MARCH already??? February FLEW was almost like there were only 29 days in it or something. So much has happened! The biggest news, in this writer's opinion, is the one year anniversary of Yarn Haven's opening!
happy anniversary
Bobbie and Dale Ann, thank you, so much, for providing a warm, wonderful place for all of us fiber friends to grow in friendship and yarn stash! You are each so precious to us!
Interesting that when the shop opened, there was a blizzard. The one year anniversary was marked with lots of snow and slippery roads as well.
The weekend prior was the First Annual InsanKnitty Knitting Retreat! Keep your eyes peeled for retreat dates for NEXT year. Here's a small recap of some of the fun:

Pat, Linda, and Cher working diligently. dressed?

Beth's 888 hour afghan is looking GREAT!

Gina and Bobbie gettin' slap happy!

Jessica...totally focused.

...and Julie looking quite stunning and wide awake.

Did we ever determine who else is pregnant?

Becky brought her gorgeous spinning wheel and mesmerized us all with her beautiful yarn!

At almost 2 AM Pat finished her sampler scarf that had been on the needles for almost a year! We were rooting her on by staying up until it was finished!

So, it's Tuesday night, Knit Night, and here we are...6:31 PM and it's Dale Ann, Mary, Kathy, Maria and myself staring out at the frozen tundra before us. Yes, the icy pellets of freezing rain are falling from the sky and causing rather slippery roads...and YES, it's probably dangerous to even consider driving in these conditions. HOWEVER....


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Such fun!

Until I get a chance to go through all of the pictures from the knitting retreat, I will leave you with this one, that Sarah took of Patti...

...and this one that I took of Sarah!

A wonderful time was had by all! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Cher is one of the regulars at InsanKnitty! I asked her to share what she was knitting with the rest of the world, and here's what she sent...

"Attached is a collage of the 3 projects I'm working on right now. No, I'm not working on 2 ruffled scarves (only one). It just makes for a nicer collage.

My favorite needles are Addi Turbos with the Clover velvet straight wooden needles a close 2nd. You will rarely find me working on dpn's unless they're used to finish a project.

Misti Alpaca (especially the handpainted that just arrived @ Yarn Haven) is one of my favs when it comes to yarn, but it also depends upon what project(s) I'm working on.

I have been knitting for approximately 4 years. Before that I had a succesful mail order cross-stitch business. Let's just say with maturity comes the need for eye-easy projects. Cross stitch is not eye-easy! Need I say more?"

Thanks, Cher! Nicely done! C'mon the rest of you without blogs...SHOW us whatchu got!!!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Show 'Em What Ya Got!

This is an official shout out to any of you InsanKnitty needle chicks who don't have a blog of your own .... email a picture of what you're working on to the InsanKnitty email address. Include any details you want (special notes, yarn type, where you got the pattern, etc). We'll post it HERE to show the world!!!!

Also, countdown to the knitting retreat!!!


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