Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Year, New Yarn!

By now, Old Man Winter has many of you ready to cry, "uncle!" I'm sure. The frigid temps and sight of snow day after day has you longing for warmth, am I right?

There are lots of new, wooly, yarns to try out at Yarn Cravin'! I popped in on Saturday to take pictures of some things for you.

Sock knitters can brighten up the day with Opal Surprise. These colors will bring cheer to even the grayest of our winter days!

Opal Surprise

An old favorite, Paca Twist, is back in stock, and moving out fast.


There are some new colors of Encore...




Looking for bulky yarns? We got 'em! Viking Balder is also superwash.



Covington, by Cascade, is another new-to-us bulky yarn.


Similar to Encore, and also made by Plymouth, is a new line called "Coffee Beans." These colors are very suitable for "manly" projects, and also for projects for the home... afghans, pillows, etc.


I think you'll love the color details in this yarn... take a peek!


As previously promised, the yarn from Pagewood Farms is back in stock. There's even a chunky yarn with faux fur mixed in! Think fun cowl or hat, fiber friends.


As always, there are so many options for knitting/crocheting warm items! Hopefully this gives you some ideas.

If you haven't checked out the new class schedule, make sure you do. There are some new and exciting offerings, including a Book Club! The first book selection is Cowl Girls: The Neck's Big Thing to Knit which you can purchase at the shop if you need. Be sure to register to for Book Club!

Remember, winter and the snow are temporary, even though they certainly don't seem like it right now. We have spring patterns arriving in the shop already... short-sleeeved tees, tanks, even skirts! In the meantime, buckle your seatbelt, drive slowly, and take time to enjoy the beauty of winter.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wasn't That A Party?

What good sports you all were, braving the frigid early morning temps to come out and shop in your pajamas!



We weren't sure if Barb came to shop or just to entertain us that morning, but we're sure glad she made it, regardless!


More than one pair of these sheep jammies were spotted. (These legs belong to Nancy!) I seriously covet these PJ's.


I know we had someone come from as far away as Flat Rock, MI, and one from Fostoria. Did anyone travel farther for the sale?

Once the sale was ended, Dale and Bobbie took all of the Yarn Cravin' Elves to breakfast. We are never in one place at the same time, since we help out and/or teach at different times. Would the shop even hold us all?



We enjoyed some fantastic food, and even better company. Dale had kind words to say about everyone. And look! Here's the whole fam damily!


The new class schedule is up. You can find it by clicking here: Spring 2011 Class Schedule

Thanks for your continued patronage, and Happy Knitting!