Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring and Slumps


Days like the one shown above make it hard to knit, don't they? Yes, it's early April and everything that blooms in May is already blooming. And there's even a butterfly out already!

I've heard more than one knitter tell me that they are in a slump; that their knitting mojo is gone. How timely that Clara Parkes addressed the very same issue in her online newsletter just this week! She includes ten tips for overcoming "Knitter's Block," as she calls it.

The link to the article is included for you all below. Bookmark it. Print it. Save it. Certainly subscribe to Knitter's Review, which is only sent once a week, and will not send you eleventy-billion advertisements or beg you to buy things you don't want or need. How to Overcome Knitter's Block

If you're in a slump, or want to fondle yarns, patterns, or books to find inspiration, Yarn Cravin' is here for you.