Saturday, November 7, 2009

Puppies, Ponchos and Fish

Puppies, ponchos and fish. Say what?!

You'll see!

Item number one: The Puppy.
Look at Misti! Isn't she adorable? She's growing quickly, so if you haven't stopped in to see her in her "little" stage, do it soon!


Item number two: Ponchos. Look at the adorable poncho Deb made! She took the Icelandic Sweater class with Wayne (former co-owner of Fiber Works, which we all dearly miss), and adapted what she learned to make a poncho for her granddaughter. Brilliant!!

Last, but not least, FISH! Fish hats! This is a free pattern at and you can knit it yourself quite easily. Fishy hat can be made from Mission Falls superwash quite economically like the hat on the right. Just picture yourself at a Toledo Walleye hockey game sporting one of these hats! Too much fun, friends.

As always, Tuesday nights are open for fun and friendship, help and shopping. We would love to see you!

Remember this month there's so much to be thankful for, including our yarn, and our yarn shop and shop owners!!