Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's Time For SUMMER CAMP 2013!

Remember when you were a little younger than you are now, and you went off to summer camp?  There were great friends and fun activities just for you, and at the end of it all you had some pretty neat things to take home to give to your family and friends, or keep for yourself... Remember?  If you never went to summer camp, here is your chance to find out about the fun.

This summer, Yarn Cravin' is having Summer Camp for you!  Each week there are new workshops for you to participate in as you desire, and the cost of each workshop is only $5!  There are both knitting and crochet workshops.  You provide your materials, and in a few cases, there may be an additional pattern cost ($2-3).

Here are photos of what you can make this summer!  Please stop by Yarn Cravin' to sign up and pay for your summer fun soon.




DSC_0978   DSC_0984 DSC_0987



There are plenty of new goodies at Yarn Cravin' as well. New yarns, new notions, new bags... Need some new stitch markers or a tape measure? These have a way of disappearing. Buy a few to put into your swap packages!



There is some gorgeous, new Araucania yarn...


And lovely Lantern Moon bags for your projects. One can never have too many bags! DSC_0994

If you want to make your own bag, this little Noni kit for making a felted, Lipstick & Change purse might be just for you!

Mark your calendars now, Fiber Friends, for this upcoming event:


Yarn Cravin' will be the Northern-most shop on the Yarn Crawl. There are currently 10 shops committed to this event. Each shop will have one project for crafters. There are projects for crochet enthusiasts, as well!

Reminders: Yarn Cravin' is closed on Mondays from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
The Porch is open for knitting! Tuesday and Thursday nights are late nights.
June 8 and June 15 we are celebrating World Wide Knit in Public (WWKIP)Day. Bring a lawn chair and knit with us!
Be sure to check out the website for class and Summer Camp info. Yarn Cravin'

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Kristin said...

Are there any sock classes? Im new to the area and would love to learn something to occupy my down time :) thank you ladies!