Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So Long, Winter... Hello SPRING!

By now, most of the people in this area have professed a loathing for snow and are desperately wishing for warmer, sunny days.
Have you found yourself making this face with each new snowfall?

Tired of this?

 Are you dreaming of this?


There's hope, Fiber Friends! Spring arrives this Thursday. Spring has already arrived at Yarn Cravin'! Boxes upon boxes of new yarns and goodies for Spring/Summer knitting and crocheting have been pouring into the shop. (Poor UPS guy!) Exciting new cottons, cotton blends and amazing, happy colors are being unpacked daily. Here's a sample for you to feast your eyes upon.

This is Cascade Pima Ultra

Brand new is Sunseeker, by Cascasde.  237 yards in each, and the colors mix and match.  There are multis and solids to mix as you desire.  Great yarn for a summer shawl or light scarf, Fiber Friends!

See the glitter?  Yarn with bling!!

Pima Ultra comes in solids and multis.  It's a dream to knit with.

More gorgeous Pima.

If you were once a fan of chenille-type yarns, you're in luck!  Plucious by Cascade is decadently soft.  Baby items, hats and blankets are some ideas for this yarn.

As always, there is a plethora of sock yarn just waiting on you to ply your needle and turn it into something amazing. Opal "Smile" is brand new.


 Notions, treats, mugs, yarn bowls, and yarns special to Yarn Cravin' are available.

Co-owner Bobbie makes great project bags to protect your knitting while out and about. These are cash or check only.

 Lately there seems to be an abundance of babies for "Gramma" Dale to hold and love. (This is Mary Nicholas' little boy.)

 As always, the helpers at Yarn Cravin' are happy and to answer questions and help you find the perfect yarn for your project. Check the www.yarncravin.com website for class schedule and upcoming events. March 29 is Market Day at the Bowling Green Fairgrounds. Great vendors of yarn, books, knitting notions, spinning wheels, weaving looms and more will be there! Mark it on your calendar now. Support individual shops and indie dyers.

Now is the time to start your spring/summer crafting so that your items will be ready for the warm weather. It's coming. Really.  In the meantime, try to enjoy the beauty of a winter season that will not repeat for again for 20 years.

See you soon!

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