Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Destination: Spring!

It certainly feels like Spring, doesn't it?

Yarn Cravin' has a special treat for all of you this weekend! On Saturday, March 10, from 10:00-2:00, Jeanne from Destination Yarn will be back with us! She's bringing a load of yarn to sell, in various weights and colors. Come early to this Trunk Show for the best selection!

So many new yarns are coming into the shop, you wouldn't believe. A big shipment of Malabrigo recently arrived. Sock yarn and Rasta are flying out of the shop. The ever-popular, buttery-soft worsted weight yarn is in greater supply.

Malabrigo Sock
DSC_0025 copy

Malabrigo Worsted

A new gorgeous yarn is Garn, by Viking. It's superwash and self-striping, a heavy worsted weight. Just look at all these colors!

DSC_0019 copy

The internet has been a-buzz with the release the Namaste's newest knitting bag, a backpack called "Boardwalk." Yarn Cravin' recently received a shipment, and they are going fast! Want one?

DSC_0021 copy

Speaking of bags, have you seen the bags sewn by our owner Bobbie? She makes the most wonderful project project bags! These are great for socks in progress, small projects, and now, even bigger projects. Prices vary, and you pay by cash or check.

DSC_0023 copy

We sent out the word for help with the scarves for Honor Flight, and you did not let us down! All of the yarn has been committed to scarves. Over half of the goal of 80 has already been met! Keep returning those completed scarves to the shop ASAP. We need them by April 15. If you are not able to complete your scarf let us know right away. We will find someone else to take over the finishing.


Along with the yarns shown, there are more being unpacked and priced as this is written. Lace weights. Silk and summery yarns. A new line called Juniper Moon Farm has joined Yarn Cravin, and we think you'll love it.

Stop in and see what's new. The porch may be open soon!

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