Sunday, March 18, 2012

Looks Like Spring

If it looks like Spring, is it really Spring? Even if the calendar says it's still days away?

Spring has sprung at Yarn Cravin'! The porch furniture is out, just waiting for knitters to gather, and spring cleaning has begun to make way for new yarns! Be sure to stop by between now and March 24 to check out the SALE! Discounted yarns are 35% off, and paying with cash or check will earn you an extra 5% discount. Yarns in the "sale room" are discounted deeper.

The Destination Yarn Trunk show was a big success! At times it was almost like a feeding frenzy as fiber enthusiasts jockeyed for the best selections at the tables. If you missed it, never fear. Bobbie and Dale made sure to keep some of Jeanne's yarn at the shop. Below are some photos of the day.


New Spring colors from Destination Yarns - these sold out fast.

Dale Ann and her stash.

The Jan/Feb/March calendar of classes is quickly winding down. Be on the lookout for a new schedule of fun and exciting classes with new projects to make, and new skills to learn.

Cheryl, Karen, and Dee learning about Ravelry.

Next weekend, March 24, is the Black Swamp Spinners Market Day and Fiber Fair. It is held in Bowling Green at the Wood County Fairgrounds. Yarn Cravin' will have a booth, and it's a great time to go and see other crafters as well. This linkMarket Day will give you more info.

HONOR FLIGHT SCARVES are pouring into the shop. There are only 19 left out that need to be completed and turned in before the April 15 deadline. Way to go, knitters!!

A few new things of interest have come into Yarn Cravin' this week including another yarn for making ruffled scarves, called Ric-Rac. Sorry, photos didn't turn out, but here's a link Berrocco Ric Rac to colors and patterns.

We have a yarn called "Toledo"!


Some are solids, some are tonals. What do you do with it? Dale is making a shawl.


This LaLa's Simple Shawl (Ravelry link) and the pattern is free.

There's so much going on right now, and many new yarns to check out! Hope to see you soon.

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dolldr said...

Yea! A yarn called Toledo! Wow! I hope it's not all gone!